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In a recent interview in Dax Shepard's new podcast, Armchair Expert, Kristen Bell's husband and the former star actor of That '70s Show tackled every conceivable topic. From alcohol to drugs, fatherhood and sexuality... with robots?

"You haven't heard of this robot? We can now have sex with a robot," Ashton asked. "But the question we were asking ourselves at the New Year's Eve dinner is: is it wrong to sleep with a robot, or is it just masturbation?"

Dax replied: "Kristen can have a robot boyfriend puon, that's an easy answer."

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After giving their opinion on robotic love, Ashton, who always said he never really took drugs, made some clarifications.

"In high school and college, I smoked a little cannabis, ate mushrooms, tried acid and tried a number of things that opened my mind at the time," he revealed. So I used a lot of this cool stuff when I was younger. And then, when I went to college, I thought, "It's over." I had to smoke weed once in college, and after that, I dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles."

Ashton continued: "So I stopped the drugs. I entered a long period of abstinence from drugs, and I wasn't drinking too much. If I went out on the weekend, I drank, but I always followed the "not when school is schooled the next day" rule. If I had work the next day, I didn't drink too much. I made a few deviations from the rule, but most of the time I was quite sober."

If Ashton tried to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle, it unfortunately didn't help him with the loss of his hair.

"You've stopped Propecia and I think it's very risky," Dax told Ashton, before telling his own story of alopecia.

"I had heard that a doctor could allow you to have hair as thick as Brad Pitt's, and I went to see him for two years and I ended up thinking, "What the hell am I doing?" I think we both went to the same doctor."

Ashton laughed and added: "I stopped everything about hair loss. I started to really worry at 25, and that's when I tried the Avodart. And about five years ago, I quit and everything was fine for a year, but now I'm losing them."

Despite a balding front, the actor accepts the change. "Now I'm comfortable with that. I'll take it. I have children now."

Speaking of fatherhood, Dax Shepard, who has been married to Kristen Bell since 2013, joked about doing most of the work.

"I'd say I do 50% of the crap with these kids. I often change diapers, and I think I've changed more than my father. But one thing has evolved, and I thank [Kristen] very much, it's her now who stands up for the kids. Because I was getting up for them, but I was still awake 40 minutes later. She gets up, goes back to bed and goes back to sleep 30 seconds later. And we realized I couldn't do that, because I stay awake all night."

Regarding Ashton and his wife' schedule, Mila Kunis, with the babies, the actor explained how they worked.

"We both get up in the morning. In the middle of the night, we alternated. Since she breastfed the babies, she did more than her share, I would say 80% of the work, because she breastfed and made them go back to sleep when they were little. Now they don't wake up at night, which is fine."

Nothing like two dads sharing stories and talking about life, right?

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