Greeley resident becomes two-time winner of Mrs. Colorado Petite The Denver Post

The two-time winner of Mrs. Colorado Petite from Greeley is focusing on more than practicing public speaking and her walk before competing in the national competition.

A nonprofit dedicated to promoting physical health for mental health recovery is on her mind as she continues to fight for domestic violence victims.

Allie Pressler competed in her first beauty pageant last year, securing the title of Mrs. Colorado Petite 2022 with a platform focused on domestic violence. 

As someone who was in a domestic violence relationship for more than 10 years, she said it’s difficult to find the courage to speak about her past due to people having reservations about discussing the topic. But her 2022 win helped her find the strength to be a voice for others who have fallen victim to domestic violence in the community.

At the exciting Mrs. Colorado Petite 2023 competition, Pressler, focusing on the same good cause, took home the title for the second time with her biggest supporter by her side — her husband.

“It made me feel honored that the system accepted me and trusted me to continue representing this beautiful state of Colorado,” she said about her second win.

Pressler’s favorite part of competing in the pageant involves spreading awareness about her domestic violence and fitness platforms because she feels she is “truly making a difference.” The two years of being involved in Mrs. Colorado Petite also drove Pressler to start bettering herself.

“Who can say that they competed in a national pageant?” Pressler said. “Competing in this pageant pushed me to go to school to become a personal trainer, nutritionist and … to teach group classes.”

Thanks to her pageantry journey and going back to school, Pressler has started a nonprofit called, Beauty Within the Barbells, which is dedicated to promoting physical health as a means of supporting mental recovery.

“We believe that a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind,” she said. “Exercise and other forms of physical activity can play a critical role in improving an individual’s recovery.”

The nonprofit aims to help people recover from abusive situations by providing tools and resources that help them improve their physical health, such as access to fitness centers, classes and education.

Pressler also works closely with mental health professionals, healthcare providers and advocates to ensure the program is effective and evidence-based.

The ultimate goal is to pay for gym memberships, daycare, clothing, gym equipment, education, personal training, supplements, online coaching and nutrition for domestic violence survivors.

The 2023 completion had more than 50 women from all across the United States compete, Pressler said. She valued getting to know all of her “sister queens” fighting for the title because of the love and support they shared for each other.

“Yes, you are competing against one another but you are also supporting each other,” Pressler said. “You are their biggest cheerleader.”

In August, Pressler will compete for the national Mrs. Petite USA title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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