'The Points Guy' Brian Kelly donates 3M miles to help LGTBQ refugees come to the US

The daily newsletter from "The Points Guy" hits our inbox every morning, with each email offering some pretty life-changing tips on credit card points, airline miles, travel advice and unique investment opportunities. But if you don't know the guy behind "The Points Guy," you probably should give the founder a quick Google search, especially due to his incredibly formative work within the LGTBQ community.

Since 2010, Brian Kelly has been using his expertise to provide sound advice for readers to maximize and expand their travel experiences. What started off as a blog grew to a full-fledged lifestyle website, complete with a 7-million-a-month user count and an impressive brand umbrella. "The Points Guy" has steadily risen to become the go-to website for everything on points and miles.

And while "The Points Guy" as an entity is the one usually making headlines for its proficiency, this time it's Kelly making headlines for his role within the LGTBQ community. Just in time for Pride Month, the CEO is working with Rainbow Railroad and Chase to help raise funds for persecuted LGTBQ people around the world to use travel for good.

Kelly, who is openly gay, first heard about the project through a dinner hosted by Anthony DeFilippis, one of Rainbow Railroad's board members. "I had just read about the gay concentration camps in Chechnya and as I sat at this dinner surrounded by other activists, I felt more and more inspired to help our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters in need around the world," he explained to AOL.

"Seeing firsthand how travel could change someone’s life, I wanted to use my expertise and tap into the TPG community to help with the logistics and cost of bringing a survivor to safety," he continued.

Since joining the project in 2017, the entrepreneur has donated over 3 million miles and over $250,000 to the organization to bring 20 people from Chechnya to safety.

"I have been lucky to travel the world and visit countries like Russia and Egypt, where these horrible things are happening to many people who are struggling and need help. I couldn’t imagine experiencing the violence, persecution and injustice that others endure around the world every day and I want to continue helping to save lives and ultimately, raise awareness," he continued.

Kelly concluded, "Since starting The Points Guy, it has been my vision to use travel as a force for good and helping LGBTQ+ people around the world escape to safety is just one example of how travel can change lives."

You can learn more about the Rainbow Railroad and learn how to get involved here.

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