Vogue Hong Kong Expands Into Men’s Coverage With Vogue Man

LONDON — Vogue Hong Kong, a licensing deal between Condé Nast and Rubicon Media Ltd., on Tuesday revealed the launch of Vogue Man, a biannual title to be released together with the April and September issues of Vogue Hong Kong.

Vogue Man Hong Kong will be the sixth Vogue men’s title following Vogue Hommes in France, L’Uomo Vogue in Italy, and Vogue Man in Arabia, Ukraine and the Netherlands. These titles aim to tap into men’s wear brands’ media budgets as well as offer coverage on streetwear, sartorial fashion, watches, automobiles, lifestyle and culture.

The editorial team will be led by creative director Grant Pearce and editorial director Jacky Tam, both of whom worked for GQ China, and various media titles in Asia. Vogue Hong Kong’s Peter Wong will be culture editor; Fiona Hayes design director; Sean Kunjambu style director, and Carson Chan watches and automobiles editor.

Pearce said his vision for Vogue Man Hong Kong is to “create a resource that invigorates a spirit and passion for men’s wear and the creative expression that goes into every design and new direction expressed.”

“Today, there is new freedom around the identity of a man with fashion and style playing a crucial part of this makeup. We will aim for Vogue Man to celebrate this with a well-curated authoritative voice,” he added.

Tam said, “Being a modern man is about creating your own individual style, having your own identity. The key to style is to be yourself and express your uniqueness. The idea of creating Vogue Man is to provide the resources one needs, and making everyone believe in who they are.”

Vogue Man Hong Kong will also be available in a digital format via Magzter, have a dedicated channel on its official site and roll out content on Vogue Hong Kong’s Instagram account from February 2021.

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