Global Affairs: Covid-19's existential threat to the EU

LONDON • For the moment, all European governments are concentrating their entire firepower on fighting the still virulent coronavirus epidemic. But behind the scenes, a battle just as critical to the future of the continent is unfolding, about the ways European states should manage the huge economic costs of the pandemic. There are no easy solutions, for the damage to […]

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Opinion | The Healing Power of ‘Steven Universe’

The hit cartoon series has helped me process my biracial identity. By Nicole Clark Ms. Clark is a culture writer. For most of my life, Taiwan was a place that lived in my head. My mother told me her origin stories like a series of tall tales, full of pitched, tin roofs and fields of underbrush that my grandmother used […]

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Economic Affairs: Waiting for global cooperation

During the depths of the global financial crisis in April 2009, the Group of 20 (G-20) held a crucial summit in London, chaired by then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In the run-up to the summit, financial markets were crashing, economies were sliding into recession and confidence was shot to pieces. The G-20, which comprises not only major industrial countries, […]

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