Are you a 2008, 2009 graduate? We want to hear your advice for Colorado’s 2020 grads

Are you a Coloradan who graduated in 2008 or 2009, forced to enter the real world at a time of great economic uncertainty amid the Great Recession? Maybe you have advice for the young folks who planned on striding across a graduation stage this spring, but are, instead, left walking into uncharted territory as their first forays into adulthood are clouded by a global pandemic.

The Denver Post would like to interview you, the 2008/2009 graduate, and you, the 2020 graduate. We would love to hear the 2008/2009 graduate share what it was like being thrust into an economically fraught time, what that experience taught you and where you went from there. We would also like to know what’s on the mind of the 2020 graduate. What are your biggest concerns, questions or self-reflections sparked by this unprecedented time?

High school and college graduates both apply.

Information submitted to this form could be used in an article by The Denver Post. A reporter may reach out to respondents for a more thorough interview.


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