BBC’s Kuenssberg exposes three ‘crucial’ features of new month-long lockdown set to hit UK

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The BBC’s political editor said a series of confidential documents have suggested the Government was considering the imposition of a new national lockdown due to the ongoing resurgence of coronavirus cases. Laura Kuenssberg warned the new restrictions could be announced as early as Monday but noted Boris Johnson will adopt “three crucial differences” from March’s lockdown. Speaking to the Today programme, Ms Kuennsberg said: “They do consider this as serious as the first stay at home moment we all remember from back in March.

“There would however be three crucial differences. One, schools, universities and colleges would be able to stay open under this.

“That’s a crucial difference to millions of families hearing this news this morning.

“There is a mass acceleration of testing that Downing Street basically hopes to bring in and throw everything at it to get to a situation where millions and millions of tests are being carried out on a daily basis.

“And as I understand right now, they’re looking at a month…the first time we went into this king of tight restrictions on our lives, there was no endpoint.”

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Ms Kuenssberg continued: “What Downing Street is looking at now is a 28-day order that would take us through the month of November.

“But Boris Johnson has the power to extend this instruction for England only, it’s not entirely clear what that means for the rest of the UK.

“Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are already living under tighter restrictions so we can’t assume the devolved administrations would do exactly as the Prime Minister.”

Speculation about a new lockdown arose after both Emmanuel Macron ordered a complete freeze across France and Angela Merkel introduces a new series of stricter containment measures.

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