Ben Habib savages Boris’s deal over five CRITICAL flaws – ‘This isn’t Brexit’

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Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal is expected to be passed on Wednesday barring any revolt from backbench Tory MPs, with the influential European Research Group providing their decision on the deal today. Although the deal is expected to be passed, the former Brexit Party MEP for London claimed the Prime Minister has not delivered on his 2019 election manifesto. Not only has the Prime Minister not delivered on his election pledges, the former MEP argued he has not completely delivered Brexit.

Speaking to, the former MEP identified five critical errors concerning the Brexit deal.

Ahead of the vote, Mr Habib said: “The speed at which we have to ratify the deal, that really concerns me.

“He had three months between the withdrawal agreement and then passing it.

“I fear a document of this size getting through Parliament with the required scrutiny.

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“The second issue is fishing.

“It’s an absolute joke. Fishing has been hung out to dry.

“There’s also barely any mention of the Northern Ireland protocol in the agreement.

“We have state aid law in Northern Ireland and a border down the Irish Sea.

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“It’s a good step towards Brexit but this is not Brexit.”

The former MEP also pointed to commitments made in relation to the level playing field.

The level playing field is a collective term for fair competition and relates to state subsidies, labour and environmental standards.

In terms of state subsidies, the deal states both parties will have in place their own independent system for subsidy control.

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However, there is a reciprocal mechanism which allows either party the ability to take action if a dispute is not resolved by consultation.

Potentially, a panel could be used to assess the dispute which could lead to the suspension of certain parts of the agreement.

In terms of both environmental and labour standards, the EU and UK also agreed not to lower overall standards.

An independent panel of experts will govern whether either side has regressed on either issue with both parties able to take countermeasures if either side has made changes deemed to give an unfair advantage.

Although Mr Habib claimed the Prime Minister had done well to create a sovereign document with the removal of the European Court of Justice, he stated the issue is still laden with EU regulation.

He added: “The issue is over regression, in terms of state aid and environmental law, it means any regression and the other side can impose sanctions.

“So even though its sovereign, it comes at a price of sanctions.”

Lastly, the former MEP hit out at the UK’s payment into Horizon Europe and other schemes. 

Along with the Euratom Research and Training programme, the fusion test facility ITER, Copernicus, and access to the EU’s Satellite Surveillance & Tracking (SST) services, the UK will pay four percent of the annual operational contribution.

Due to this, Mr Habib concluded the UK is signing up to EU projects through the backdoor.

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