Boris wanted to send Rishi a meme video calling him a c*** after he quit

A new podcast by Boris Johnson’s former spin doctor, Guto Harri, reveals the former PM made a number of swear-laden outbursts directed at Rishi Sunak, both while he was still Chancellor and after he quit. The weekly podcast series, released today by Global, sees Mr Harri reveal in-depth conversations he had with Boris Johnson, including one where – driven to frustration by Rishi Sunak’s attitude to spending in the Treasury – he “blew up” and exclaimed: “f*** this s***, man, f*** this s***!”

“We need to clear out the Treasury. The Treasury is acting like a bank manager, not an engine of growth. We need Singapore-on-Thames.

“We need dynamism! We’re not here to just manage the decline, we need the growth engine of the British economy to be humming.”

Boris’s former right-hand man says this demonstrated the growing rift between the two, having formerly revealed the PM was planning on sacking Rishi as Chancellor at his next reshuffle.

Boris Johnson reportedly wanted to send this to Rishi Sunak

Mr Harri also reveals that, following Rishi Sunak resigning as Chancellor without telling No 10 first, Boris Johnson texted him a meme video with the caption: “thinking of sending this to Rishi”.

The video in question was a parody of Hall & Oates’s You Make My Dreams Come True, replaced with the words: “You’re a c***”.

Mr Harri clarifies that Mr Johnson did not send the video to Rishi Sunak in the end.

He adds of the lighthearted video: “So, there you have it. If you really want to know how Boris Johnson felt about Rishi Sunak in the immediate aftermath of his toppling and the great betrayal of all time as he sees it, there you have it.”

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Today’s podcast episode is the first of six, to be released every Thursday, and is titled “An Orgy of Pain”.

The title is in reference to another lurid quote from Mr Harri’s former Prime Ministerial boss, who claimed that with her Partygate report, Sue Gray was planning: “an orgy of pain, abuse and humiliation”.

Having previously claimed Mr Johnson referred to Ms Gray as a “psycho”, Mr Harri says he believed some Tory MPs had become “psychotic” over the parties row.

Future episodes will focus more on the Partygate scandal.

Boris’s office was contacted for comment.

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