Boris was thrown out by Conservative MPs are part of the London elite

John Bolton comments on UK politics and Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were ditched by the Conservative Party because its MPs are not really conservative, a leading Republican has told John Bolton, who served in the White House for George W. Bush and Donald Trump, believes the former prime ministers were both victims to the “London establishment”.

Mr Bolton knew New York-born Boris Johnson from previous roles – and got to know Ms Truss as International Trade Secretary seeking a deal with the US post-Brexit.

He was full of praise for Mr Johnson who he considers to have achieved the most significant change in recent British history: getting Brexit done.

The former national security adviser for Mr Trump said: “I think Boris accomplished the most significant thing that needed to be accomplished, which was to take Brexit to its conclusion almost and break the gridlock.

“That is what he was elected to do and that’s what he did.”

But he was less complimentary about Tory MPs.

Mr Bolton said: “Both within the Conservative Party and the London establishment there is a lot of resistance to doing the things which he needed to do.

“It is a reality in the British political system that power is concentrated in the parliamentary party.

“The Conservative Party in the UK is not as conservative as its name would imply and I think that is ultimately what caused it to happen.

“It is the same problem that led to Liz Truss’ fall too.”

Mr Johnson eventually left office after months of criticism over Partygate accusations in September. Ms Truss then won the leadership election against Rishi Sunak over the summer.

But after just 44 days, Ms Truss’ premiership came to an end. Despite a short-lived attempt by Mr Johnson to return to office, Rishi Sunak was installed as the new leader.

The coup to remove Ms Truss came about after her tax cutting mini budget led to a temporary collapse in the value of the pound and shares.

Since Mr Sunak was installed, his government has ushered in a series of tax rises to the fury of many Tory MPs.

Mr Bolton suggested the Conservative Party might benefit from the US system of primaries where candidates are selected in their states and districts by party members rather than centrally.

He said: “If you had primaries in the UK like we do and people vote for who they wanted in the Conservative Party, it would be different.

“If the US was run primarily by people who live in New York and Washington – some say it is – it would look very different from the system where constituencies were distributed geographically.”

His words will echo with critics of CCHQ over the way candidates are selected and controlled centrally by the candidate office – with very little say to constituency parties.

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