Breadstick would be problem for Labour Thornberry humiliated as she slams next PM

Tory leadership candidates 'not a problem for Labour' says MP

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Labour MP Emily Thornberry discussed the final Conservative candidates in the race to become the next Prime Minister with Iain Dale. Ms Throneberry claimed none of the final candidates would be a threat to the Labour Party, as the next Prime Minister will go head to head in the next general election with a Labour candidate. Mr Dale brought up the fact the leadership candidate Penny Mordaunt previously savaged Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner.

Mr Dale said: “Must be one of the remaining four that you rate above the other three?”

Ms Thornberry told LBC: “Well I honestly don’t think that any of us are a… That any of them are a problem for us, I mean I really don’t.”

Mr Dale added: “Isn’t that a bit complacent?”

Ms Thornberry said: “No I don’t think it’s complacent.”

Mr Dale said: “Penny Mordaunt, I remember seeing a clip of her against Angela Rayner, and she absolutely trashed her.”

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Ms Thronberry added: “Yeah, that was Penny Mordaunt’s moment, but I haven’t seen anything else.”

Mr Dale said: “Not from any of them?”

Ms Thornberry said: “And I think the other thing is that she has some dignity, which is a big positive, I mean what are we saying… Are we saying someone should be Prime Minister because they have dignity? What other qualities do they have?”

Mr Dale said: “I mean, Rishi Sunak comes across as quite likeable, as quite competent… I mean obviously, you disagree with him politically but as a potential Prime Minister, as a plausible Prime Minister, he surely does fit that description.”

Ms Thronberry said: “Well no because he’s been in charge of the Treasury and the Treasury is one of the reasons we got into the difficulties we have at the moment.”

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Twitter user @zzzwherehewants wrote: “A break stick could be a problem for Labour…Tories should not worry.”

@Tonykelly950 wrote: “Babes assumption & hope is not a strategy.”

And @Jimbo1604 said: “You probably thought that of the last few Tory leaders yet you still haven’t been in power since Brown’s short stint.”

@thegrazone questioned: “Why when asked do Labour MPs always answer ‘none of them’? Even though I don’t rate the shadow cabinet I can put them in order of usefulness.”

And @Poppy43768600 commented: “@EmilyThornberry the most pious and sneering of MPs – and someone who campaigned on 2 occasions to make Jeremy Corbyn the PM of this country.”


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Ms Thonberry is not the only MP to criticise Mr Sunak for his financial handling of the British economy.

Mr Sunak was previously employed as Chancellor of the Exchequer before resigning and becoming a Conservative candidate for leadership.

Many citizens have been calling for the next Prime Minister to tackle the cost of living crisis head-on.

Some critics have claimed Mr Sunak is too out of touch to be the next Prime Minister due to his wealthy financial status.

Despite his critics, Mr Sunak has been predicted to be one of two candidates left in the final running to be the next Prime Minister.

A spokeswoman for Mr Sunak said: “Rishi has done well today because he is the candidate with the clearest plan to restore trust, rebuild the economy, reunite the country and because he is best placed to beat Labour at the next election.

“Every poll shows only Rishi can beat Keir Starmer, and is the candidate the public think would make the best PM.

“MPs are also recognising that Rishi has the best experience and plans to deal with the current economic situation. Rishi will rebuild our economy by gripping inflation and getting our economy growing quickly again.”


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