Brexit LIVE: Frost leads 50 Brexiteers into fishing showdown – after EU predicts UK U-TURN

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David Frost, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, met with his EU counterpart last night for an informal dinner. The meeting marked the start of the seventh round of post-Brexit trade talks between the UK and the bloc, and it is hoped the two sides will break the current deadlock and edge closer towards a deal.

Mr Frost is being joined by 50 civil servants for the trip, as the UK prepares to stand firm on its red lines set by Prime Minister Boris Johnson – especially over EU access to British fishing waters.

But Brussels is confident the UK is beginning to waiver, as time is running out to secure a deal.

One EU official, who is closely involved in the post-Brexit trade talks, told Politico: “The UK desperately needs this deal.

“If the clock is ticking, reality will start to sink in in London.

“The UK might not always have behaved rationally in its negotiations with Brussels, but surely the pandemic and the lack of trade alternatives must lead to some reason in London.”

But a UK official scoffed at such a statement, and said it’s “a bit of a stretch” to claim Britain will rush to do a deal with the bloc because its other trade negotiations have stalled.

Brexit trade talks will take place until Thursday, with a breakfast round-up session scheduled for Friday morning.

The two sides have scheduled a significant amount of time to discuss fisheries, with negotiating slots allocated for both today and tomorrow, as the EU attempts to secure the same access to British waters as before.


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