Brexit LIVE: Smug EU official mocks UK fuel shortages Benefits of the single market

Michel Barnier says Brexit could happen in other EU nations

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Over the weekend petrol stations across Britain ran dry, following localised shortages caused by a lack of tankers. This triggered panic buying across the country, resulting in many stations running out of fuel.

Sebastian Fischer, Germany’s permanent EU representative, linked this directly to Britain’s European single market departure.

He tweeted: “Passed by some petrol stations in central Brussels this morning: normal service, no queue, no shortages.”

The diplomat added the hashtag ‘#BenefitsOfTheSingleMarket’ to his tweet.

Whilst Britain formally left the EU in January 2020, it remained part of the European single market until the following December.

At this point Boris Johnson’s new Brexit trade deal took effect, restoring Britain as a fully independent trading nation.

However, this ended free movement of goods between the UK and EU, with some restrictions coming into effect.

Anti-Brexit activists have blamed Britain’s ongoing shortage of HGV drivers in part of European workers returning home after Brexit took effect.


Macron attacked over UK fishing waters claim

Emmanuel Macron has come under fire after French politicians demanded continued access to UK territorial water for small fishing boats. 

Under the terms of Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, only vessels which can prove they have a long history of fishing in British waters can continue doing so. 

A number of applications have been rejected by UK authorities, infuriating the French. 

However Jayne Adye, director of pro-Brexit campaign group Get Britain Out, challenged French complaints by pointing out the majority of submissions had been approved. 

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