‘Brexit related bitterness’: EU hypocrisy in court ruling against Rwanda plan exposed

EU branded 'hypocritical' for stance on UK Rwanda policy

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The inaugural flight of migrants from the UK to Rwanda as part of the Government’s new deportation scheme had been due to depart on Tuesday morning.

However, the plan was crippled by a last-minute ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to allow an Iraqi asylum seeker’s appeal to remain in the UK.

The shocking ruling gave new grounds for appeal to the remaining six migrants set to board the plane, resulting in the entire flight being grounded in a devastating blow for the Conservative Government.

Speaking to GB News, specialist in race relations and public security Dr Rakib Ehsan said: “I think the entire situation demonstrates the degree of hypocrisy within the European Union and the United Nations.”

He added: “Many of those schemes involving the European Union, EU finance and involving the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, some of these schemes have been ultimately responsible for relocating refugees to Rwanda. 

“I find it remarkable that individuals within the United Nations in particular are now critical of the UK Rwanda migration partnership. 

“We have the German Ambassador as well saying Germany would never do such a thing but the reality of the matter is what Germany does. 

“It works through the European Union in terms of that migrant relocation process, they do it through the backdoor, through the European Union.”

The German Ambassador to the UK Miguel Berger claimed Germany would not introduce measures similar to the UK’s agreement with Rwanda in order to manage the migrant crisis.

Mr Berger said: “This is something that, for a country like Germany, would be out of the question.

“We’ve had more asylum seekers in one month than the UK has had in one year.”

He added: “We would never bring asylum seekers to Africa.”

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Dr Ehsan insisted other European countries had been involved in similar migrant deportation plans through their involvement with the EU.

The security analyst explained protesters of the Government’s Rwanda had been quick to condemn the policy of Home Secretary Priti Patel, but had failed to offer any truly viable alternative to dealing with those arriving through illegal channel crossings.

He continued: “When it comes to the protests, I think much of it is directionless.

“We’ve seen many people who oppose the UK Rwandan partnership but they don’t produce particularly viable alternatives themselves, especially alternatives that would help to strengthen our border security system, security oriented reforms that would help to bolster social cohesion in the UK.”

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Dr Ehsan suggested the true nature of European opposition to the Rwanda policy had stemmed from a “bitterness” over the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

He added: “When we’re looking at the EU and the United Nations in particular, I sense that the EU, naturally, there is a degree of bitterness which is Brexit related. 

“The UN, its various agencies and bodies, have clashed with the Conservative Government, especially on matters of race, so I suspect that there is a bitterness there as well. 

“We have to examine all the various institutional dynamics at play and realise that the reality of the matter is that the UK Rwanda migration partnership is not something particularly unorthodox.”

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