Brexiteer reveals why UK and EU are ‘certain’ to strike deal – Leavers won’t be pleased

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The former Brexit Party MEP insisted no deal is unlikely as the UK is simply not prepared for it. The businessman warned Britain could be forced to make more compromises than Brussels due to this – something that is unlikely to please Brexiteers.

Mr Habib told “I think they are almost dead certain to do a deal now.

“I think there’s no chance of no deal.

“Apart from anything else the UK is not ready for no deal.

“If we were going to no deal on December 31 the country would need to know how we are going to be dealing with goods coming in from the EU in terms of tariffs and everything else, what it would need for the movement of capital between the EU and the UK, what it would need for travel between the EU and the UK, what it would need for double taxation of profits for companies who have subsidiaries in the EU and parent companies in the UK and vice versa.

“The Government has not put out any messaging on any of this which says to me actually they never planned for no deal which means they will eventually do a deal.

“Because they’re not ready for no deal, if you’re not ready for no deal, you’re not going to get a good one.

“I’m virtually certain that there will be compromises made by the UK and more so than the EU.

“They will be dressed up as compromises made by the EU and the deal will be pronounced as being a fantastic one for the UK but an in depth analysis of it will reveal that it is not a good deal.

“That’s my prediction which is not very upbeat and optimistic I’m afraid.”

Ex-MEP Mr Habib’s remarks come as trade talks led by Lord Frost and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier are continuing this week.

The latest round of negotiations is taking place in the Belgian capital.

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Both sides have agreed a deal needs to be struck by next month to be in place for the end of the year when the transition period comes to a close.

But a major breakthrough is needed to finally reach an agreement.

Fishing and state aid have proved to be key stumbling blocks.

Boris Johnson has insisted he will walk away from the negotiating table if a deal cannot be settled by the EU summit on October 15.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister’s controversial Brexit bill cleared its final Commons hurdle.

The UK Internal Market Bill gives the Government the power to override provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement relating to Northern Ireland.

The Government argues the measures are needed to protect the Northern Ireland peace process if there is no post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and the EU.

But it has faced criticism for going back on commitments made in an international treaty.

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