Cant blame Brexit forever! Remoaner hysterics brutally shut down over dated study

Widdecombe: History books will ask why Brexit wasn’t earlier

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The latest row comes after a Remainer tweeted an article from April 2019 which showed a study from Goldman Sachs estimated Brexit was costing the UK up to £600million per week. That was the equivalent of UK GDP being hit by 2.4 percent amid a hit to investment, according to the estimates from the global investment bank. But in reply to the tweet, one person hit back: “You’ve quoted estimates from two-and-a-half years ago.

“We’ve since had a crippling pandemic (according to some, but more Government incompetence), so of course the financial situation is bad.

“You can’t keep blaming Brexit forever.”

But the Remainer was left fuming by this slap down, and raged: “Amazing how you defend the indefensible.

“I will look forward to your excuses after October.”

The furious row continued, with the Brexiteer replying: “We were given a vote on membership. We voted and leave won.

“Regardless of what was said, promised, delivered, it’s what people voted for.

“You can’t just keel bleating on about it until the end of time.

“I didn’t want a Labour Government for 13 years but it’s what was voted for.”

This response again infuriated the Remainer, who snapped back: “People didn’t vote for the lies. They got conned. Wake up.

“Not one thing the Leave campaign said was true. Can’t you see that?

“Also let’s not forget the oven ready deal that got these clowns into power.”

Following more back-and-forth, the Remainer said: “I can’t stop laughing. You’re embarrassing.”

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The Brexiteer to hit back: “What’s embarrassing is blaming Brexit for anything and everything when we’ve only officially been out five mins.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

This led the Remainer to list a number of issues which he claimed were the fault of Brexit, including tax increases, supermarket shortages, HGV driver shortages, care worker shortages and builder worker shortages.

But in the perfect shutdown, the rival social media user quipped: “Well, what are you going to do other than whinge and moan about it then? Like what real action are you going to take?

“You’re going to be very unhappy for the rest of your life.”

The latest destruction of Remainer hysterics comes with Brexit Britain winning third spot in the latest ranking for best jurisdictions for multinationals, beating both the European Union and US.

UK is only third to Singapore and Australia for the top regulatory bases for multinationals in the world, according to the latest Mercator Entity Management (MEM) Report 2021.

Kariem Abdellatif, Head of Mercator, said: “It should be noted that the purpose of this inaugural report is not to advise multinationals on where to base entities or subsidiaries – this is obviously dictated by necessity – but to set expectations and provide foresight on the relative cost and time it will take to manage entities in each jurisdiction.

“Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom are all global financial centres with a long-established history of managing international trade, and this translates into the ease with which multinationals can manage entities in these locations.

In a huge blow to the EU, the report revealed while Europe has the highest number of entities overall, based on client portfolios featured on Mercator’s proprietary Global Entity Portfolio Management (GEPM) platform Entica, activity per entity is comparable to the Middle East and North America.

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