Census data reveals population shift to the West and Sunbelt

The map above shows distinct migration to the West and Sunbelt during the pandemic, based on census figures out Thursday.

Why it matters: This race to the Rockies and Southwest in our work-from-anywhere world signals emerging powers in tech, business, politics, philanthropy — every dimension of life.

Two other accelerating trends detailed by the Census Bureau:

  1. America is getting older: Since 2000, the national median age — the point at which half the population is older and half younger — has grown by 3.4 years, to 38.8 years. Only one state, Maine, became slightly younger.
  2. America is getting more diverse: Every race and origin group grew from July 2020 to July 2021 — except the white population, which fell 0.03%. "Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander" was the fastest-growing category, increasing 1.54%. Hispanic was the largest category in numerical gain (800,000) — and second-fastest-growing, up 1.24%.

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