COVID-19: Government ‘doing everything we can’ to allow summer holidays this year, says Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told Sky News the government is “doing everything we can” to allow Britons to enjoy a summer holiday this year.

Following the introduction of tougher border measures for UK nationals returning from abroad and the continuing lockdown restrictions, the government has faced questions about whether summer holidays might be possible.

Mr Hancock confirmed he had booked a break to Cornwall this summer, but added he could not yet be certain about whether his own holiday would go ahead.

“I do understand, of course, the yearning for certainty. But certainty is hard in a pandemic,” he told Sky News.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to set out how England’s latest lockdown might be eased in the week beginning 22 February.

“It is difficult at this point and people will have to be patient as the prime minister said,” Mr Hancock added.

“But we are doing everything we can to make sure people can have their holiday in the summer.

“And, even before then, to be able to see their loved ones.

“Even before we get to whether we’re going on holiday, or where we’re going on holiday, how soon we can see and hug our loved ones is important.

“Thankfully, because the vaccine roll-out is going so well… that will all help us to get out of this and get back to normal.”

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