David Cameron made China and Russia think Britain is WEAK’ David Davis hits out

David Cameron 'went too far with China and Putin' says Davis

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Conservative MP and Rishi Sunak supporter David Davis said the UK is now “paying the consequences” of the bad diplomatic decisions that David Cameron made during his mandate. He added Mr Cameron made the UK look “weak” and warned “if we are the weak kid in the playground, we’ll get picked on”.

Mr Davis told Sky News: “I think David Cameron and George Osbourne went too far with two things, with China partially because they got sort of punished for seeing Dalai Lama, and with Putin.

“After the Litvinenko killing, Putin was then taken to watch judo by David Cameron at the Olympics.

“I mean both were bad decisions.”

He continued: “We now pay the consequences because the other side thinks we’re weak.

“If we keep telegraphing, we’re weak.

“What do the bullies do? They pick on the weak kid in the playground and if we are the weakened in the playground then we’ll be picked off”.


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