‘Do not patronise us!’ SNP explodes at Boris Johnson in row over Brexit deal ‘power grab’

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The Scottish Parliament erupted in the Holyrood chamber as SNP Cabinet Secretary Mike Russell clashed furiously with another member. Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser had hit out at the Scottish Government’s new Brexit bill during a debate. He accused the bill of creating a “Henry VIII power”, taking away powers from Scotland’s Parliament and giving it to ministers.

The Tory MSP said: “It was stated in evidence to the Finance and Constitution Committee that this bill creates a substantial ‘Henry VIII power’.

“It’s taking power away from this Parliament and giving it to Scottish ministers.

“The Cabinet Secretary would be apoplectic if the UK Government were to do this.

“So why is it alright for him?”

Mr Russell shot back: “I would be in a state of permanent apoplexy if I even thought about the powers the UK Government was taking to itself on a daily basis.

“In fact, we see an example just today with the House of Lords and Internal Market Bill.

“So please do not patronise this chamber by pretending there is an interest in the powers that are being grabbed by the party of which Mr Fraser is a member.”

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