‘For the love of God, tear it up!’ Boris urged to scrap NI deal after EU row – ‘Payback!’

G7: Leaders gather on beach for family photo

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Today, the Prime Minister warned “all options were on the table” in a Brexit standoff as the Commission president confronted the UK on the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. During the crunch talks, Ms von der Leyen demanded the UK implement the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

As well as Ms von der Leyen and EU President Charles Michel, the Prime Minister held talks with France’s Emmanuel Macron followed by Germany’s Angela Merkel.

But following Ms von der Leyen’s demands, Britons urged the Prime Minister to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol altogether.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “Given the EU hardly stick to agreements anyway, that’s a bit rich Ursula!”

Another person added: “Tear up WA and trade under WTO rules. For at least 10 years.

“Then at some point in the future, when all the present players have left the stage, we can approach the EU for a Trade Deal. Just a trade deal!

“Given up our seas, £39 billion just to get them to talk to us, control of Gibraltar, control of Northern Ireland and a level playing field (which means we do business with one arm behind our back), is not a free trade deal.”

A third reader commented: “More posturing from the inefficient EU bullies.

“Boris for the love of god, tear up the WA and start afresh on a clean break and WTO as you were told to do last December.

“The EU will play games with us till their dying day because we left, far better to at least have the WTO as a setup rules than the rubber band punch bag of the EU.”

Someone else said: “Not a day goes by without someone from the EU issuing threats, bullying tactics etc.

“I, for one, am completely fed up.

“You would think we were still in the EU!”

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Others called for the Prime Minister to “stand up” and be counted in the “war” against the EU.

One person said: “It’s Payback time for the way the EU treated the UK.

“No surrender Boris.”

Many questioned why Ms von der Leyen and Mr Michel were at the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

One person said: “The G7 summit is not the time or place for bandy vandy to make her demands.

“No wonder the summit is EU top-heavy.

“She shouldn’t even be there and her cronies.

“They are not G7 country leaders.

“Time to pull the rug out from under these federalist dictators!”

Another added: “Neither VDL or Michel should even be present, it’s the G7 (SEVEN) ie. USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

“These two do not represent any country.

“Like all eurocrats and their umpteen presidents they are all aboard any passing gravy train!”

A row over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol has threatened to boil over this week with the EU lashing out at Britain for unilaterally extending grace periods on the introduction of some customs checks.

Britain accused the EU of taking a “purist” approach to the implementation mechanism which risks undermining the UK’s internal market.

Reading Mr Johnson the riot act, Ms von der Leyen said there would be no renegotiation of the current terms of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

“The Good Friday Agreement and peace on the island of Ireland are paramount,” Ms von der Leyen said following the meeting.

“Both sides must implement what we agreed on. There is complete EU unity on this.”

EU leaders at the G7 held a group meeting yesterday to discuss how to best confront the UK on Brexit and present a uniformed front in their individual meetings.

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