GB news: ‘Nakedly ambitious’ Liz Truss tipped to be next PM after Boris partygate backlash

Boris Johnson appears to be reassured by Liz Truss after PMQs

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Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell named the Foreign Secretary when asked by presenter Dan Wootton who she thought would become PM and who she would like to become PM. She said: “It’s going to be Liz Truss, she’s so nakedly ambitious it’s obnoxious.

Despite being favourite with many, Platell ruled Rishi Sunak for the role due to his height.

She said: “I did a bit of research today and we’ve never had a Prime Minister that short, he’s 5’4.”

However, the Australian journalist described Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng as “perfect” for the role.

She said: “I would like Kwasi Kwarteng, he’s absolutely perfect.

“He was one of the ministers for Brexit and was promoted in Boris’ last cabinet.

“The incredible thing is he’s a gorgeous black guy, he’s so hot.”

Also weighing into the debate, broadcaster Neil Fox, said he thought that Chancellor Rishi Sunak would become the next PM.

He said: “I think Rishi would make a really interesting Prime Minister because so far he’s seemed quite cool and level headed. 

“I think he’ll get it”.

However, Fox had a surprising wish for a certain former PM to return to the role.

He said: “It would be interesting to see what would happen if Theresa May came back.

“What’s interesting about politics is that people cock up then they come back and talk sense.” 

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Journalist Daisy McAndrew admitted that Rishi Sunak was the favourite but particularly considering past Tory leadership elections that didn’t mean he would win.

She said: “Rishi is definitely the favourite but we all know favourites never win.

“It’s always somebody who comes out of left field.

“Although, Boris was the favourite, circumstances were a bit different.”

Much to the chagrin of host Dan Wootton, Ms McAndrew admitted it would be interesting to see Michael Gove in the role.

She said: “There is a little bit of me who would love to see Gove in that role just to see what he would do with it.

“I think he’s such an interesting intellectual person, he would be unpopular and never get it but I’d like to see it as a scientific experiment.

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