Get stuffed! Fed-up Britons lose it with EU after Frosts new masterplan rejected

Lord Frost provides update on Northern Ireland protocol

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German MEP David McAllister insisted the Protocol – set up to avoid a hard border – will not be renegotiated. This comes after UK Brexit minister Lord Frost stopped short of ripping up the deal with the European Union but warned it needed “significant changes”. Mr McAllister said: “Instead of putting the Protocol into question, it is about finding solutions for the outstanding issues.

“The implementation of the protocol relies on joint action. It should not be undermined by unilateral measures.

“Permanent flexibilities are not acceptable. The Protocol was painstakingly negotiated under high political pressure, ensuring to minimise disruption and to help local communities and businesses.

“It cannot be renegotiated – it is part of the solution of a problem that is Brexit.”

Mr McAllister is today hosting a meeting of the European Parliament’s Brexit committee with the bloc’s chief negotiator Maros Sefcovic, who is also expected to reject the plans from Lord Frost.

But furious Britons have launched a scathing broadside at Brussels, demanding Britain trigger Article 16 to override the Protocol, rip up the Brexit deal with the EU and walk away from the negotiating table.

Reacting to the initial story on the website, one furious reader wrote: “Trigger Article 16. It is a legal document that the UK and the EU signed, that forces one side to change the Northern Ireland Protocol if it is unworkable.”

A second person said: “Time to walk away from the table, save our 39 billion and put it to trading WTO.”

Another reader fumed: “Just as expected and they’ve taken the bait.

“Trigger Article 16, dump the Northern Ireland Protocol, deal and go full WTO.”

A fourth person commented: “We have a £90billion trade deficit with the EU, no services deal and a sham of a fishing arrangement.

“Just ditch the whole thing and go to WTO rules.

“The EU would take the biggest hit on trade and we would get 100 percent of our fishing waters back.”

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Whilst one reader demanded: “Everything is unacceptable to the EU unless it is full capitulation followed by subservience. Tell them to get stuffed.”

In a statement to the House of Lords on Wednesday, Lord Frost called on the EU to renegotiate the terms of the Protocol.

The UK’s former chief Brexit negotiator said ministers want Brussels to give up its rights to take disputes over the border fix to the European Court of Justice and allow goods that don’t meet EU standards to be sold in the area.

Lord Frost also called on fewer checks to be carried out on goods crossing the Irish sea as they account for just a fifth of all EU border checks for food and animals.

But the UK’s Brexit minister did not go as far as to say the UK would trigger Article 16 to override the Protocol.

He said: “It is plainly clear that the circumstances exist to justify the use of Article 16.

“Nevertheless, we have concluded that this is not the right moment to do so.”

“Put simply, we cannot go on as we are. As we’ve sought to operate the protocol it is clear that these burdens have been the source of considerable and ongoing disruption to lives and livelihoods.

“We’ve seen reductions in supermarket product lines, we’ve seen more than 200 suppliers decide they would no longer sell to Northern Ireland. And we’ve seen difficulties, not just on the famous chilled meats, but also on medicines, on pets, or movements of live animals on seeds and plants.

“What is worse, these burdens will get worse, not improve over time as grace periods expire leaving businesses facing evermore unsustainable burdens.”

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