Gina Miller admits plans to rejoin EU are ‘waste of energy’ as UK struggles with Covid

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Gina Miller admitted this is “not the time” for Remainers to consider plans for Britain’s return to the European Union. The UK will be officially leaving the customs union and the single market in the final step towards independence nearly five years after the country first voted for Brexit. Asked whether there is an opportunity for the UK to rejoin the EU, Ms Miller told Times Radio: “I think it is a complete waste of energy to even consider that at the moment.

“We’re an exhausted country and also one in the middle of a pandemic. Let us deal with the pandemic, let us hold this Government to account.

“Because, remember, they have been exercising laxism and cronyism, we’ve had the sidelining of Parliament through the emergency Covid bill.

“We need to get out country in order first.”

The British Parliament began debating the European Union (Future Relations) Bill on Wednesday in hope to clear the legislative hurdles to turn it into law within the day.

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Boris Johnson was lavished with accolades from Conservative colleagues praising him for his achievement as he urged MPs to back the trade deal.

The Prime Minister dismissed claims the agreement struck on Christmas Eve was too “thin” and would create a divergence between UK nations.

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer said he will back the agreement despite his concerns about labour and environmental standards being deteriorated. 

The DUP, which previously lent its full support to Boris Johnson’s Government, however confirmed they will not be voting for the deal as he claimed the agreement failed to deliver Brexit equally across the whole of the UK.

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DUP MP Sammy Wilson told Parliament on Wednesday: “We will not be voting for this deal today and I think the reasons are obvious, because we’re excluded from many of its benefits.

“That does not mean that we have any common cause with the petulant Remainers in this parliament who want to undo the referendum.

“It is because we are disappointed Brexiteers.

“It is because we are people who believe that the United Kingdom should leave, should leave as a whole and that is not happening. And for that reason, we will not be voting for this deal today.”

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Mr Wilson continued: “I’m glad that in two days’ time, we will be finally leaving the EU. It’s something which my party and I personally campaigned for.

“It is something which would probably not have happened had it not been for the votes in crucial debates in this House when Remainers tried to undermine the result of the referendum.

“But I’ve got to say today, that euphoria is tinged with sadness because the deal which the Prime Minister has struck will not apply equally to all parts of the United Kingdom.

“Northern Ireland will not enjoy all the benefits of this deal, and indeed we will still find ourselves in many ways tied to some of the restrictions of EU membership.”

The SNP and the Liberal Democrats also confirmed they will not be backing the Government’s bill.

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