Hunt says Truss will be PM at Christmas

Truss apologises for ‘the mistakes that have been made’

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Speaking to Sky News’ Beth Rigby about the Prime Minister, Mr Hunt urged Tory MPs to “give her a chance” and also ruled out his desire for the top job.

The Prime Minister is facing a widespread backlash from MPs who are appalled by her performance over the past five weeks, notably her decision to avoid Labour’s urgent questioning in the House of Commons on Monday.

The Prime Minister U-turned on the majority of the mini-budget and Labour subsequently tabled an Urgent Question which was addressed by Penny Mordaunt who insisted that “the Prime Minister is not under a desk”.

Ms Mordaunt added, “I don’t think there has been a coup” which failed to allay the sense to instability in the Prime Minister’s actions.

The Chancellor was asked “what is the point of Liz Truss” after he has scrapped the majority of the policies which brought her into power.

Hunt replied: “She’s Prime Minister, she has got important decisions to make.

“People who want her to go need to ask themselves whether more political instability is going to help keep mortgage rates down, keep interest rates down, calm the markets.”

He added: “I don’t think political instability is the answer. She’s been Prime Minister for about five weeks, and we need to give her a chance.”

Though the Chancellor has now been seen as the most powerful member of Government at the minute, he ruled out taking the top job.

He said: “I rule it out, Mrs Hunt rules it out, three Hunt children rule it out.”

Following the fifth Conservative MP, Sir Charles Walker, to call for the Prime Minister to resign, Hunt stated his belief of why she deserves to stay.

Mr Walker told Sky News that Truss’ position as PM “is untenable” and “she has put colleagues, the country, through a huge amount of unnecessary pain and upset and worry”.

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He added that the issue “can only be remedied…with a new Prime Minister”.

Mr Hunt insisted: “I would rather a leader who listens, learns and changes and I think we would have more instability, much more instability, if we were to have a leadership process.”

Ms Rigby concluded her interview with Mr Hunt asking, “will she be PM by Christmas?” to which he replied: “I believe so yes”.

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