Ian Blackford uses SNP conference speech to attack Michael Gove for his dance moves

Ian Blackford mocks Michael Gove’s dancing during SNP speech

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Appearing virtually at the SNP’s conference, Mr Blackford told of his joy as Scotland re-opens back up following the months of pandemic restrictions placed on Scottish people. He expressed his excitement to go and watch his “beloved” Hibernian Football Club following the easing of restrictions and pondered what others may be doing with the time. But he then went on to poke fun at the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster who was recently filmed dancing in a club on his own.

Mr Blackford said: “While we have all adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic, I think by this stage we all have the very natural longing to gather together again in person.

“The good news is that we are slowly but surely getting there. This year we come together with the real hope that this marks the last time that circumstances force us to meet in this virtual way.

“But friends throughout the last year every small step we have collectively taken has resulted in massive strides towards a more normal way of life.

“The things that we have all missed so much have either returned or are just around the corner.”

Mr Blackford added: “For you, that may have meant a summer of family reunions, for me that also means watching my beloved Hibernian as many will be doing tomorrow.”

But in a sly jab at Mr Gove, the Westminster SNP leader put the Tory in his crosshairs as he grinned at his timely joke.

He said: “For Michael Gove that also means dancing solo at an Aberdeen nightclub!

“But whatever your choices for you, for all of us, we are blessed to be in a far better place.”

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