Just one in four Brits want King Charles to lose major role

King Charles ‘practising Coronation in the palace’

Fewer than one in four people want King Charles to lose his role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

Exclusive polling shows strong support for the unique relationship between the monarch and the Anglican church continuing.

Just 23 percent of people believe he should no longer be head of the Church of England, according to the research by Omnisis.

Nearly half (48 percent) wanted him to keep the role.

This is despite him suggesting in 1994 that instead of being considered the traditional “Defender of the Faith” he could be a “defender of faith”.

While 65 percent of Conservative voters want the King to keep his position at the helm of the church, this was the case for just 45 percent of Labour voters.

However, a majority of people (53 percent) want the Church of England to remain the “established” church. Just 17 percent want it to lose its position. Both Conservatives (69 percent) and Labour supporters (52 percent) want the Church to keep its constitutional position.

There was no clamour for Church of England bishops to be removed from the House of Lords. A third of respondents want them gone while a third wanted them to remain, and three in 10 were undecided.

Almost half of respondents want acts of worship to remain part of school life (47 percent) with just 32 percent supporting an end to services.

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And six out of 10 people wanted religious education to stay part of the school curriculum, with fewer than one in three (28 percent) saying it should be removed.

This is despite 64 percent of the participants in the polling saying they were not religious.

The research suggests that while people value the bonds between religion and the monarchy they are less concerned about churches locally. Just 36 percent said they were concerned when a church closed in their community.

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