Labour MP booted out of Commons as she refuses to retract Boris Johnson lie attack

Dawn Butler removed from Commons for calling PM a liar

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Labour MP Dawn Butler was ordered out of the House of Commons on Thursday after the leftwinger refused to take back remarks accusing the Prime Minister of lying to Parliament. Ms Butler has been asked to reflect on her comments after the Deputy Speaker of the House interrupted the MP’s speech. Ms Butler had argued that Boris Johnson had lied on repeated occasions and was shown the door after refusing to take back the accusation in accordance with Parliamentary rules.

Mr Butler said: “The Prime Minister said we have severed the link between infections and series disease and death.

“Not only is this not true Madam Deputy Speaker but it is dangerous and it is dangerous to lie during the pandemic.

“And am disappointed that the Prime Minister has not come to the House to correct the record and correct the fact that he has lied to this House and the country over and over again.”

The lefty MP’s attack on the Prime Minister triggered groans from the opposition Conservative benchers.

Amid the uproar, the Deputy Speaker of the House called on the Labour MP to “reflect on her words…and correct record.”

Ms Butler replied: “Madam Deputy Speaker what would you rather? a weakened leg or a severed leg?

“You know at the end of the day the Prime Minister has lied to this House time and time again.

And she went on: “It is funny that we get in trouble in this place for calling out the lie rather than the person lying.”

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