Lammy reduced to tears by veterans appeal to help Afghan aides They served our country!

LBC: Veteran's appeal to help Afghan aides

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Veteran Mike from Holt, North Wales made a passionate argument for the Government to double efforts to bring former UK Army aides and their families to Britain due to the threat they face in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban took over again in August, those who collaborated with Western forces have been facing increasing risks to their lives because of the work they did as the insurgents extend once again their control over the country. Mike’s speech had Labour MP David Lammy in tears with his demands the Government act immediately to help bring Afghan aides to the UK.

Mr Lammy said:This resettlement scheme, we still haven’t got it.

“They still can’t come, there are no routes for them to come. People who served our country, worked with us.”

He continued: “Mike, let me just tell you, you’ve reduced me to tears during the show.

“It really brings it back, the service we asked you and others to do, and our failure to act, to support these people. 

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“It’s wrong, it’s not fair, it’s not justice and it’s not what the British people deserve.

“And it’s certainly not what the Afghan people deserved. The Government are letting the country down.”

The North Wales veteran said: “You won’t get an argument from me, David.

“What I know is people who are saying, ‘let’s look after our own, we don’t owe these people anything.’

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“They do it by text, they won’t discuss it, they won’t attempt to come on air and justify their opinions.

“They throw away comments. They haven’t engaged…and the integrity of these people!”

Mike’s speech attracted the praise of other listeners, including a fellow Afghanistan veteran from the Royal Air Force.

Listener Craig from Birmingham texted Mr Lammy’s programme, saying: “I severed in Afghanistan on a number of occasions with the Royal Air Force and the current caller Mike is on point.

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“We have a duty of care and a responsibility to the wonderful Afghan people.

“The Government should be ashamed.”

Gordon Brown earlier this week warned failing to act to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will “come back to haunt us”.

The former Labour Prime Minister called for a multibillion-pound support package to save the country from economic and social collapse following the Taliban takeover and the withdrawal of the US-led coalition in August.

Mr Brown insisted that not responding to the situation could result in mass emigration from Afghanistan and resentment against the West, “so we have got to act for moral reasons but also it is in our self-interest to do so”.

He also said the West is “sleepwalking into the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times.”

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