Like a Tory! Ex-UB40 star blasts Keir Starmer’s inability to ‘connect’ with working class

Keir Starmer clashes with Marr over abolishing House of Lords

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Matt Hoy, who sang with the group for 12 years before leaving earlier this year, slammed the Labour leader’s premiership and said things were better under Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking to as he promotes his latest album Strong, he said: “I don’t think working class people connect with him because he’s titled a sir.

“To be the Labour leader he needs to be part of the people, one of us, someone we can relate to.

“Jeremy Corbyn was one of those people. But Keir Starmer seems like a Tory to me.

“He’s a sir and he’s not approachable.

“He only attacks the Conservative Party when he thinks he needs a popularity boost.

“He’s not a man of the people and I think a Labour leader needs to be a man of the people.”

Mr Hoy, a father-of-two, grew up in a single-parent household on a council estate in Birmingham and said his whole family always voted Labour.

But he said that the party has turned into a “pile of s**t” in recent years and he “wouldn’t vote for them” anymore.

“There is no more Labour and no more Conservatives in my eyes,” he explained.

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“I don’t think I’ll ever vote for the Conservatives or Labour Party again.

“Over the last 18 months, I’ve been looking at things and have been thinking that I’m having Conservatives thoughts and I’m not a Conservative.

“I was more Corbyn because he was more for the people.

“That’s the one thing that sticks in my side.

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“You can’t have a Labour Party that has a leader who is a sir. There’s too much of a conflict of interest.”

And while he has enjoyed a successful career as a musician, Mr Hoy insisted that he hasn’t forgotten his working class roots.

“I’ll never change,” he said.

“I grew up in a council estate in Bournville.

“My mother held down cleaning jobs just to get me through.

“I don’t think I will ever change because it’s all about the fight.”

Strong has been released independently and is available through Spotify, Apple Music and from Mr Hoy’s website.

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