Liz Truss: Don’t let Afghanistan be terror hub

Afghanistan: 'Same fate' may await Mali warns expert

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The Foreign Secretary spoke before chairing talks in New York with the five UN Security Council permanent members – the US, France, China and Russia. She said: “If we want to avoid Afghanistan becoming a haven for global terror, then the international community, including Russia and China, needs to act as one in its engagement with the Taliban.

“I want our foreign policy to be practically focused and geared towards strengthening our network of economic and diplomatic partnerships, underpinned by strong security ties.”

Ms Truss’s intervention came as the Taliban, which seized control of Afghanistan last month, made an audacious request to address world leaders at the UN General Assembly.

The group also nominated their Qatar-based spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, as their UN ambassador, saying the envoy for its ousted government, Ghulam Isaczai, no longer represented the country.

A UN committee will rule on the request but it is unlikely in this session.

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