Liz Truss reveals Macrons real motives on fishing war and its utterly irritating…

Liz Truss: 'Failure of French intelligence' left Macron blindsided

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss suggested French president Emmanuel Macron may be making “unreasonable threats” because he has a difficult election looming. Asked why Mr Macron is acting out, Ms Truss told Sky News: “You might say there’s a French election coming up.

“You might say that there are various other issues of concern.

“What I would say to the French is that we are fellow freedom-loving democracies.

“We should not be fighting with each other, we should be focusing our efforts on working together.

“This isn’t a zero-sum gain, we can both benefit by trading more with each other, by working together on issues like security and defence.

“We need to move beyond these unreasonable threats and instead work together.”

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