‘More voted for Brexit than for you!’ Sturgeon attacked for ignoring Brexit opportunities

Scotland: ‘More voted for Brexit’ than Sturgeon in 2016 says Mundell

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Scottish Conservative MSP for Dumfriesshire Oliver Mundell argued that more people in Scotland had voted for Brexit than Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Mundell insisted that Scots were beginning to see some of the benefits from Brexit in Scotland. He highlighted that some farmers had seen benefits and also praised the vaccine programme.

Mr Mundell said: “I think the first thing to remember and the nationalists don’t like to talk about it at all.

“But more people voted, over a million people, voted for Brexit.

“That is more people than voted for Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister in 2016.”

Mr Mundell went on to highlight that some Scots were understanding that an independent UK offered Scotland opportunities.

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He continued: “It is not that everybody in Scotland wanted to remain, there are a lot of Scots who do recognise that being outside of the EU offers opportunities.

“I think there are a lot of people since we have left the EU who are starting to see some of the benefits.

“In my own constituency, our farmers have seen their less favoured area support payments restored.

“That wasn’t possible while we were still part of the EU.

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“The other big thing has been the vaccine rollout.

“I think people look at the bureaucracy that surrounds that in continental Europe.

“They think it is very lucky that we got out of the EU when we did.”

Mr Mundell also warned that the SNP would continue to run Scotland into the ground with failed leadership.

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“I think the big failure is that the SNP have taken their eye off the ball.

“Right across their domestic record, there is failure time and time again.

“We have seen education standard slip backwards, the Scottish education system was once the envy of the world and it has been destroyed under the SNP.

“The SNP has been in charge for 14 years, they are in charge of one of the most powerful devolved Parliaments anywhere in the world.

“They would rather run Scotland into the ground than build up.”

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