MSPs left dazed as BBC audience tears apart their ‘middle-class’ climate view

Debate Night audience member grills panel over COP26

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Conservative, Liberal Democrat, and SNP politicians were taken to task during BBC’s Debate Night after a furious audience member slammed their “middle class” views on climate change. The angry commentator remarked many of the MSPs would not dare step into poorer communities in Scotland to listen to their answers to resolve climate change or other big Scottish issues, like drug deaths, as only see things through their privileged lens. The MSPs were forced to awkwardly listen to the audience member who did not hold back in her condemnation of them.

Alyn Smith, Russell Findlay, and Alex Cole-Hamilton appeared on BBC Debate Night when they were asked about whether Cop26 would bring real change.

But as the panel went back and forth, an audience member attacked the politicians on the show when she was invited to share her thoughts.

She told the programme: “Whenever I hear people speaking, particularly politicians, about climate change, it’s such a middle-class issue.

“And it very much comes across like that and where indigenous communities across the world are forgotten, poor and disadvantaged communities in this country are always left out of the conversation when we talk about the climate crisis.

“Yet 10,000 People die every year in the UK from fuel poverty and is something that through the climate crisis could really be addressed.

“Communities like Aberdeen where people are fighting over jobs in the oil industry but the local authority it doesn’t care about much else.

“Those high drug tests up in an Aberdeen…. you don’t hear about [the drug charity work] at Cop, you don’t hear about that from politicians because they don’t spend much time in poor and disadvantaged communities.”

The audience member explained many people in these communities have good ideas about climate change or to better their country.

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But she added many MSPs did not spend time in these areas due to their middle-class history so people were being ignored.

Cop26 draws to a close on Friday with many now questioning if world leaders will follow up on the pledges made at the summit.

The US and China announced an unexpected agreement where the two sides would discuss ways to introduce greener technology to cut down their carbon emissions.

US Climate Envoy John Kerry said at the conference: “The two largest economies in the world have agreed to work together on emissions in this decisive decade.

“This is a roadmap for our countries and future collaboration. China and the US have no shortage of differences. But cooperation is the only way to get this job done. This is about science, about physics…

“This declaration is a step that we can build on to close the gap [between the emissions cuts set out so far and those needed]. Every step matters. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

It comes as protesters have demonstrated across the world against the summit in what many call a “greenwashing” event.

Environment activist Greta Thunberg gave speeches in the UK again at the summit and called it a “PR exercise”.

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