Nicola Sturgeon brutally grilled over coronavirus fund allocation ‘How is it being used?!’

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw took aim at Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday over allocation of new coronavirus funds. Mr Carlaw demanded the First Minister explain how the funds would be divided up into the Scottish local authorities. He also insisted her Government publish how much each local authority would receive.


Ms Sturgeon admitted the decisions had not yet been made but she would update Parliament as soon as possible.

Mr Carlaw said: “Of course, PPE is not just for hospitals but for care at home and also residential care.

“The First Minister mentioned that councils are responsible for the procurement of PPE for care homes.

“Also at the weekend, new funding for the councils was announced by the chancellor which produced additional funding of £155 million for Scotland.

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“The key question is then how is that money going to be allocated?

“How will the Scottish Government decide to allocate the additional hundred and £155 million and will the Scottish Government publish this week how much cash each council will receive?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “I will give assurances that I have given on other elements of consequential funding.

“Every penny that comes to us will be passed on for the purposes intended.

“So all the money that comes to us for local authorities will go to support local authority services.”

Ms Sturgeon added that talks were ongoing with local authorities on how the money could best be used in each area.

She continued: “No doubt, we will have discussions with local authorities about exactly how the money is used and I will update Parliament as soon as possible.”

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Ms Sturgeon went on to insist that the distribution of PPE needed to be thought of differently in Scotland.

She added that National Safety Supplies was aiding care homes directly in addition to the work by the Scottish Government.

She said: “NSS procures supplies and NSS helps the NHS and it also provides top-up supplies to care homes.

“This is because care homes have their own supplies in place.

“At the moment NSS is providing distribution directly to care homes, prioritising homes that already have outbreaks.

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