Nicola Sturgeon LOSES IT in interview when asked about life beyond politics

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in the future, post-politics she told Vogue magazine she may “foster children” with her husband. But when asked about it by ITV political editor Peter Macmahon, the SNP leader erupted in fury. He asked: “In an interview for Vogue magazine ahead of this conference you talked about the possibilities of life beyond politics. Is that where your thoughts are turning now?”

Speaking to ITV’s Representing Border, Ms Sturgeon said: “No, it’s not! I was asked a question and as I always do, I answered the question.

“Just because somebody asked me something and I answered it doesn’t mean I’ve proactively gone on to that ground.

“I’m the First Minister, I was re-elected with a historically high share of the vote a matter of months ago.

“I’m focused on that job. Whenever I move on from this job, I hope I’ve got many years ahead of me to think about other things but I’m not thinking about those other things right now.”

Ms Sturgeon also said Boris Johnson is taking a different approach than his predecessors when meeting devolved governments, suggesting it might be the result of a “fragile male ego”.

The First Minister said most of Mr Johnson’s interactions with devolved administrations were delegated to Communities Secretary Michael Gove.

Speaking to Vogue ahead of the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, discussing the campaign for Scottish independence and her approach to climate change.

Asked about her working relationship with the Prime Minister, Ms Sturgeon said: “He tends to delegate most of his interactions with the devolved governments to Michael Gove.

Nicola Sturgeon on Scottish Independence in 2015

“That’s fine, Michael Gove and I work together well, but it’s a different approach to his predecessors.”

Asked why she thought this was the case, she said: “Maybe it’s just a bit of a fragile male ego.

“He seems to have a disinclination to be, metaphorically speaking, in the same room as me. It’s odd.”

On her campaign for Scottish independence, the First Minister said: “There’s no status quo: the UK that people wanted to stay a part of in 2014 arguably does not exist any longer.”


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She also spoke about the importance of the Cop26 summit’s attempt to limit global warming to 1.5C.

She said: “It probably is the last chance the world has to reach an agreement that is specific enough to meet the Paris 1.5 degrees target.

“It’s a massive opportunity, but I think there will be a real difficulty if that opportunity is not taken.”

Discussing the future of the oil and gas industry, she said: “This has not been an easy thing for somebody in my position and in the political tradition I come from to say, but we have to ask ourselves whether new exploration for oil and gas is consistent with meeting the climate change imperatives.”

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