On the fence again! Starmer urged to ABSTAIN from voting on Brexit trade deal

Brexit: Campbell says Labour ‘should not support deal’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the party will vote in favour of the Government’s “thin” EU deal, saying that no deal is simply not an option. The fervent pro-European said it was “in the national interest” to support the agreement despite concerns over the terms negotiated by the Government. But Alastair Campbell, the former head of communications for Tony Blair, said Labour should not “hitch themselves” to the Prime Minister’s wagon.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Campbell said: “The deal is going to get through because the Tories have got a majority.

“I actually think Labour should not support the deal.

“I can see why they don’t want to vote against it because then you say, ‘What do you want? No deal?’ And nobody wants to have no deal.

“But I think the Labour Party should let Boris Johnson own this deal because he will have his great headlines in the papers, that will last about 24 hours.

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“Once you get into the detail of this and the implementation of it, I don’t think Labour should hitch themselves to this wagon.”

The Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “Whichever way you slice it, there is no doubt that this deal falls short of what’s best for London, the UK and our economy. It does not come close to the benefits we enjoyed as members of the EU.

“However, this is the deal now on the table. While we still need to see the detail, we now have a direct choice between this agreement or a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.”

Mr Khan later criticised what he saw as a “costly, red tape mountain” arriving on January 1.

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Mr Johnson has used a festive message to the nation to urge people to read the new Brexit trade deal after Christmas lunch on Friday.

The Prime Minister posted a video on Twitter in which he brandished the document, which has not been released in full yet, and at one point punched the air with enthusiasm at its contents.

Mr Johnson said: “Tonight, on Christmas Eve, I have a small present for anyone who may be looking for something to read in that sleepy post-Christmas lunch moment, and here it is, tidings, glad tidings of great joy because this is a deal.

“A deal to give certainty to business, travellers, and all investors in our country from January 1. A deal with our friends and partners in the EU.


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“You remember the oven ready deal by which we came out on January 31, that oven ready deal was just the start – this is the feast, full of fish, by the way.

“And I believe it will be the basis of a happy and successful and stable partnership with our friends in the EU for years to come.

“So, that’s it, that’s the good news from Brussels, now for the sprouts, and a happy Christmas to you all.”

Before posting the video, Mr Johnson hailed the deal as a new beginning after securing the agreement before the UK’s final break with Brussels on New Year’s Eve.

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