Outcry in Commons as speaker Hoyle REFUSES to rebuke Starmer for calling PM a liar

PMQs: Boris Johnson apologises for party on May 20th

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Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle chose not to rebuke Sir Keir Starmer after Conservative MPs reacted furiously to the Leader of the Oppositions remarks during a tense Prime Minister’s Questions. The  Labour leader remarked public thinks Johnson is “lying through his teeth” after confronting Boris Johnson over the evidence of lockdown-breaching Whitehall parties. 

The Leader of the Opposition told MPs: “Now it turns out he was at the parties all along.

“Can’t the Prime Minister see why the British public think he’s lying through his teeth?”

Amid uproar from the Tory benches, the speaker judged the comments to not breach parliamentary rules.

He said: “It was what the public thinks not what the member is saying.”


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