Remoaner Ex SNP Europe spokesman BEGS for second referendum in huge anti-Brexit rant

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Stephen Gethins, who was a former SNP Europe spokesman, warned the UK will be worse off the harder the Brexit deal is. He told BBC’s Newsnight that the UK Government have made an “absolute mess” of Brexit.

Mr Gethins said: “Leaving the European Union was always going to make us poorer and worse off.

“In particular it was going to make us poorer and worse off the harder Brexit that you’ve got and we’re going to get the hardest of hard Brexits.

“That’s not good for anybody and we know that we’ll be worse off and it’ll be economically catastrophic.”

Mr Gethins said the UK is “increasingly isolated” and has been “cut adrift from its partners”.

It comes as polling data shows that the majority of Scottish people are in favour of leaving the UK.

Mr Gethins insisted there should be a second referendum so that Scottish people can make a decision about their future.

He said: “The only way you can really make a decision is by having a vote so that people can make their own minds up about their future.

“This isn’t just about something that’s pretty basic, you know we are losing our European citizenship.”

He added: “I think we should have that referendum. I think now is the time.”

On Thursday Labour leader Keir Starmer travelled to Scotland to urge the party not to strive for independence.

During his first visit to the UK since becoming Labour’s leader, Sir Keir warned the Scottish Labour party that “divided parties don’t win elections”.

He held talks with the Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard on Thursday afternoon.

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But Mr Leonard has faced several calls from his own MSPs to quit.

The Scottish Labour leader was due to have a confidence vote last weekend.

But the vote was withdrawn last minute after a review by the Scottish Executive Committee.

MSPs have said the Labour party are heading for a disaster at next year’s Scottish Parliament election unless Mr Leonard quits.

But Mr Leonard and his allies have accused his critics of sabotage.

The Scottish Labour leader has insisted that he is the best person for the job.

Mr Leonard was a close ally to Labour’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

During his visit on Thursday, Sir Keir told the BBC: “I work closely with Richard and we speak frequently – we are meeting this afternoon and we are talking about the job that we have to do.

“He has got my support and I am working with him and that is why I’m here to have a face to face visit, but I talk to Richard regularly on the phone.”

When asked about the calls for Mr Leonard to step down, Sir Keir said his aim was to “unite the party and bring people together”.

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