Rushed to hospital for emergency surgery doesn’t stop Bailey making his big speech

Shaun Bailey discusses importance of marriage

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Mr Bailey has told that he is now recovering well following the episode last week on the day he was due to be the keynote speaker for the “10th birthday”celebration of the Marriage Foundation thinktank. Before the evening event Mr Bailey started suffering severe pains and was rushed into hospital to have his appendix removed.

As the drama unfolded organisers were not aware that their key speaker might be in doubt but somehow he turned up to speak apologising “for my lack of a tie”.

Mr Bailey, who is happily married to his wife Ellie with two children, added: “If I am not as full of beans as normal I would like to apologise for that too but I have just had my appendix out this morning and it has affected my genuine optimistic outlook on the universe.”

“It was a minor miracle,” Robert Oulds from the Impact thinktank who had helped organise the event.

“Really good on Shaun to do that, a lot of people would have given their excuses and stayed in bed to recover.”

He added: “Shaun is a great believer in the institution of marriage and the cause is close to his heart.”

In his speech Mr Bailey explained why it was important he was there and why the marriage needs to be supported for social good.

He said: “Marriage is a social justice issue. What if I told you that there is an institution that is statistically proven to be good for the individual, good for society in a multitude of ways?

“This institution is marriage, however too many are not benefitting. The better off marry and reap the benefits of this institution, and the less well-off don’t marry and have much poorer social and economic outcomes.”

The Marriage Foundation was set up by former judge Sir Paul Coleridge in 2012 who previously worked in the family courts.

Sir Paul said: “In 2012, after 43 years in the family justice system (14 sitting as a judge) watching the inexorable and seemingly unstoppable rise in family breakdown, I began to talk publicly about the scale and depth of the problem.

“I was not popular. But I was driven by three motives. Firstly a desire to challenge the entrenched belief that nothing could be done to stop the rot, secondly, a conviction, having watched the fallout for so long in the Family Courts, that our children were the sector of the population most adversely affected by the epidemic; and thirdly, that the remedies had to be applied not only to the amelioration of the problem but its entrenched causes. 

“In short, our children’s life chances were being seriously and permanently damaged and we had to do something to publicise the scale of the problem and suggest solutions.”


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