SNP savaged for ‘callously exploiting’ Covid crisis to push for Scottish independence

SNP slammed by Tory MP for ‘exploiting’ pandemic

Conservative MP Imran Nasir Ahmad Khan told the House of Commons that Nicola Sturgeon’s party has exploited the COVID-19 crisis in a bid to boost their push for independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. Mr Khan also lashed out the party’s leadership as he claimed the SNP has a poverty of positive ideas.

Mr Khan asked Schools Minister Nick Gibb: “Does my honourable friend agree with me that Scotland will be better served if the SNP bothered to care about more than their fixation on another independence referendum?

“Rather than callously exploiting the crisis, if they began prioritising education of Scotland’s children who the SNP shamefully continue to let down by years of failing education policy.

“This is due to the SNP’s poverty of positive ideas and responsible leadership.”

Mr Gibb replied: “My honourable friend is preaching of the choir when it comes to advocating prioritising education policy over all other policies in Government.

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“As the Schools Minister, I shall say little else.”

On Monday the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party warned Nicola Sturgeon that Boris Johnson can “change the narrative” in Scotland ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Douglas Ross told the Centre for Policy Studies that it is not inevitable that the SNP will secure a majority in the May elections.

Mr Ross said: “Scotland has got a lot to offer, the UK has got a lot to offer Scotland as well.

Scottish independence is ‘not inevitable’ says Douglas Ross

“This constant talk that it is inevitable and that the SNP will win a majority, no it is not.

“We have shown in the past that it is not inevitable because of the way the SNP lost their majority as a result of the Scottish Conservatives.

“Independence is not inevitable either and we have just got to change that narrative.”

Scotland’s First Minister has outlined her plans to push forward with a “legal referendum” on Scottish independence if her party secures a majority in the May election.

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However, this approach has been heavily criticised by the leaders of the opposition parties in Scotland.

Mr Ross said: “Most Scots will wonder why time, energy and resources are going into pursuing an illegal referendum when we are facing far bigger challenges as a country right now than the constitution.”

While Jackie Baillie, the interim leader of Scottish Labour, stated: “It is inexcusable that at this time of acute crisis the SNP seeks to put its plan for independence above everything else.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly rejected the notion of another Scottish independence referendum, insisting the last vote in 2014 was a “once in a generation” vote. 

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