Starmer heckled during speech as disruptor slams Labour losses Was your Brexit policy!

Keir Starmer heckled during Labour conference speech

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Sir Keir Starmer faced an embarrassing heckle during his Labour conference speech as he thanked voters for sticking with the party despite the criticisms it has faced. Sir Keir attempted to shoot down the disparagers as told those who doubted the party he would go into the next election with a “serious” plan for government as he sent a direct message to those who defected to the Tories. But Sir Keir was left stuttering after a heckler shouted it “it was your Brexit policy” in an apparent reference to Labour’s flip-flopping on Brexit which is why they have lost voters.

Presenting his much-anticipated speech to the Labour conference, Sir Keir addressed critics of Labour who doubted whether the party could lead the country.

He told the conference hall: “To those Labour voters who rejected us.

“To those Labour who said their grandparents would turn in their graves and they couldn’t trust us with high office.

“Those who reluctantly chose the Tories because they didn’t believe our promises were credible…”

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But Sir Keir was then heckled with one audience member shouting: “It was your Brexit policy.”

The outburst appeared to address Labour’s stance on Brexit which some say alienated some traditional Labour supporters who backed Brexit.

The hall cheered as Sir Keir attempted to bring things under control.

He continued: “To the voters who thought we were unpatriotic or irresponsible.

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“I say these simple but powerful words, we will never under my leadership go into an election with a manifesto that is not a serious plan for government.”

The hall once again cheered as it appeared Sir Keir had taken back control.

But the heckles kicked off again as he continued his speech and remarked: “This time on a Wednesday it’s usually the Tories heckling me, doesn’t bother me then, doesn’t bother me now.”

A photo uploaded by the Sun’s political editor Harry Cole also appeared to show an activist waving a Palestine flag when Sir Keir took to the stage – chanting “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn.”

Throughout his speech, Sir Keir faced challenges from the audience with many heckling him about the £15-a-hour minimum wage.

The audience also gave Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford a louder cheer than Andy Burnham or Sadiq Khan after Sir Keir thanked them.

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The speech is the first in-person speech from the Labour leader to the Labour conference.

Commentators have touted the speech to be a make or break situation for Sir Keir who has had a divisive conference.

Deputy leader Angela Rayner made headlines where she branded Tories as “scum” during a rant at a fringe event. 

Andy McDonald also resigned from the Labour frontbench over what he says were disagreements over the minimum wage.

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