‘Still pretty high!’ BBC host rages as Wales defends lockdown amid ‘huge’ COVID-19 cases

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Wales has officially ended their fire break lockdown after 17 days, allowing new, less restrictive rules to come into force. However some areas of the devolved nation still have some of the highest cases of coronavirus in the UK, including Merthyr Tydfil with 741 cases per 100,000, as of last November 4. Welsh Chief Medical Officer Dr Frank Atherton was confronted on the BBC Today show over whether the circuit breaker had been effective or not.

Dr Atherton pointed to Wales’ testing rate as evidence of improvement, as overall it is down to just over 200 per 100,000, and peaked a week or so ago at around 260.

Host Martha Kearney cut in, saying: “That is still pretty high though, isn’t it?”

The Chief Medical Officer admitted: “It is still very high, you’re absolutely right.

“So our message to the people of Wales, as we come out of this, is that we can’t simply go back to the behaviour we had before.”

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