Tory MP calms Joe Biden’s Brexit fears – ‘no way’ UK will ‘disrupt’ the Irish border

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Questions over whether Joe Biden could interfere in the Brexit process have been shut down by Sir John Redwood. The President-Elect has already expressed his concerns over the possible undermining of the Good Friday Agreement with a physical border on the island of Ireland. Sir John spoke to Jonathan Saxty on BrexitWatch about why there is “no need” to impose a border.

He told viewers: “Of course President Biden has a different approach to the European Union and particularly to the Republic of Ireland from that pursued by President Trump.

“I think it’s very good news that we read in the press that our Prime Minister was the second world leader after Canada that he called and that they had a very warm conversation.

“As you’d expect they found a lot they do agree about. Britain is great ally of America through NATO and our common defence and we’ve always played by the rules and paid our share of the bills and that is a warm part of the relationship.

“Britain will be a strong voice for free trade worldwide which is something which I’m sure President Biden would welcome.”

Sir John continued: “Britain has often been backing America in issues in the Middle East and the development of peace around the world and so forth.

“So I think there were plenty of areas of common ground and it was, by all accounts as we read, a warm conversation.

“But let’s be in no doubt that President-to-be Mr Biden is very clear that he’s proud of his Irish links.

“He often takes the view of the Republic of Ireland and of the European Union because the two, Republic and European Union, have been as one on this issue of Brexit so there will be some differences.”

The MP added: “But the Prime Minister was in a strong position to be able to say to him there is no way the UK is going to resile from or disrupt the Good Friday Agreement.

“Indeed the UK Government’s always been crystal clear that they don’t wish to impose new physical barriers on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

“There is no need to because there will be a common travel area allowing free movement of people across the border once we have fully left the single market on January 1.”

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Sir John said: “We don’t need a new set of restrictions on trade even if there are tariffs, for example, because there isn’t a free trade agreement.

“Currently there are excise duty differences, there are VAT differences as a currency difference.

“You don’t need border posts to sort out the exercise or the VAT.

“You don’t have someone sitting in the lorry shelling out £20 notes to pay the extra VAT, it’s all done electronically by computers away from the border and the same will be true of tariffs.

“So I trust the Prime Minister started the process of reassurance because Mr Biden doesn’t want to feel the Good Friday Agreement is under any kind of pressure.”

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