Truss mocked by German press over Tory ‘coup’

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Liz Truss has been mocked by the German press over the “surprising” speed at which party rows hit her premiership, with Florian Harms saying there’s already a “coup” in the making. The former Foreign Secretary has occupied Number 10 for less than a month, but rumours already abound that she could soon be on her way out.

Ms Truss will be hoping that her first Tory Conference speech as Prime Minister today will have helped to shore up support among those concerned about her first few weeks in office.

But as the former Liberal Democrat walked onto the stage to M People’s 1990s hit “Moving on Up”, a German newspaper was commenting on the “surprising” speed of her “downhill” trajectory.

Mr Harms, who is Editor-in-Chief as t-online, wrote that “many had already guessed that it would not go well for long, but the speed with which things are going downhill is a surprise”.

He argued that the British people’s confidence in their Government is taking a “nosedive” following U-turn on tax cuts and added: “The coup against the Prince Minister is already being planned.”

Recent polling has suggested that were a general election to be held now, the Tories would lose to Labour, and by a long way.

The unity of the Government has been called into question, at a time when commentators are insisting focus is tantamount.

In a stinging analysis of Ms Truss’s week, Mr Harms wrote: “This week, the pressure on Team Truss has become too great, also from within her own party.

“Her approval ratings have plummeted like a stone since the Prime Minister took office.

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“At the Conservative Party Conference… delegates [were] demanding accountability.”

He added that the conference “should have been a coronation mass for the new leader”.

Instead: “Liz Truss, who likes to present herself as the ‘Iron Lady’ and spiritual successor to Margaret Thatcher, showed her fans that iron can also be bent.”

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In a serious sign of cracks in her administration, former Cabinet minister Michael Gove distanced himself from Ms Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget over the weekend, ahead of the Government’s U-turn.

He argued that borrowing money to fund tax cuts was “not Conservative”.

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib hit back, insisting Ms Truss’s premiership was not the problem but the Conservative Parliamentary Party itself.

He told that Mr Gove was the “leader of the rabble”, adding that “proper leadership” is exactly what the country needs at this time.

The Tory conference has now come to an end, leaving the Prime Minister to focus on managing the problems faced by Britons and dealing with her own party’s divisions.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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