Woke up time! Lib Dems to debate making constitution gender-neutral

Brexit: Sophy Ridge quizzes Sir Ed Davey on rejoining EU

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Sir Ed Davey’s party’s autumn conference is due to take place next month and promises “more engagement, more debates, more conversations (and) more connections.” Instead of focusing on making the Tories’ former coalition partner a threat at the ballot box again – woke vanity projects appear to have preoccupied its leadership.

Among numerous items listed on its agenda, a debate on “Updating the Constitution’s Language on Equality and Inclusion” is featured.

So far 17 people have signed up to discuss whether the party should amend its constitution so the words “he or she” are scrapped and replaced with “they”.

The words “his or her” would be replaced with “their” if it went ahead, according to Guido Fawkes.

The news emerged as Sir Ed faced a backlash for suggesting the UK should follow the US and pay young people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

While appearing on LBC, the Lib Dem leader said it would quickly solve the issue of young people not getting jabbed.

He said: “The real problem is young people, for lots of reasons, haven’t been as vaccinated as other people.

“The proportion of young people and particularly young men who’ve been vaccinated is very low and it looks like the government in order to tackle that problem are going to force people to be vaccinated if they want to go to a nightclub.

“I just think that’s the wrong approach and what Liberal Democrats want is an approach which incentivizes people by giving them the correct information in the first place and then making it easier for young people to be vaccinated.

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“Look at what President Biden’s doing, he’s taking on incentivizing approaches and urging people across the United States to get young people [vaccinated] by incentivizing them – should we not look at that?”

The US leader has urged local and state governments across America to introduce cash incentives to encourage people to get their vaccine.

Pilots run in Ohio and Colorado which offered participants £50 for getting a jab proved relatively successful.

Host Iain Dale pointed out the proposal would be drastically unfair to those who already have theirs.

Listeners also attacked the proposal with some stating it was “irresponsible”.

One wrote: “What utter nonsense… It’s called personal responsibility and we should not be rewarding those who lack that.

“Reward those that do by allowing them access to the venues they enjoy and exclude the others.”

Another added: “Why should the sensible ones that have already been jabbed lose out which the irresponsible get a reward?”

When pressed for a response, Sir Ed avoided the question by saying it may not be the right route but the incentivisation idea is one that should be explored.

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