You have handled it SO badly Khan must carry the can for Met mess, Assembly member rages

Susan Hall slams Sadiq Khan over Cressida Dick

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A fiery Susan Hall accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of lacking acumen and not having been up to scratch in his dealing of the Dame Cressida Dick row. The Chairman of the Police and Crime Committee on the London Assembly expressed her discontent with the way the Mayor of London forced out the now ex-Metropolitan Police chief commissioner. Ms Hall warned Mr Khan that potential replacements may now have reservations about wanting the job after seeing how “badly” Dame Cressida was treated.

Ms Hall stressed that Mr Khan must carry the can for the fact that Londoners’ trust in policing hit its lowest point since 2016, the year he was elected as London’s Mayor.

In an interview with GB News, Ms Hall reprimanded him for failing to tackle the unraveling problem and leaving it too late before pulling the trigger as the “headless” Met is now facing a race against time to find a replacement with Ms Dick on her way out in a couple of weeks.

She said: “Hasn’t Sadiq Khan handled it so badly?

“We’re now headless on the Metropolitan Police service which isn’t gonna do any of us any good. 

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“And anybody else that wants to think well you know, will he be treated so badly or she by Sadiq Khan the Mayor?

“I don’t know how many people will be putting in for it, I think it’s a great shame, he should have dealt with it in a much better way!

“If he had so many concerns surely then I would question why he extended her contract.

“But he should have raised these concerns earlier and worked with her to see how they could make some difference.

Susan Hall slams Sadiq Khan over Cressida Dick

Ms Hall said: “I mean confidence in the police is at the lowest ever under Sadiq Khan.

“Last year we saw more teenage murders than ever before.

“We mustn’t forget that he is a police and crime commissioner so must hold some responsibility for this!”

With Dame Cressida’s era on the verge of coming to a close in a few weeks, Mr Khan is now facing growing pressure to find an adequate successor.


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And Ms Hall said: “I think he should have dealt with it in a different way.

“If he wants to see new leadership then fine.

“I mean there has been some catastrophic events and there’s no getting away from that.

“But they’ve been going on for a while.

“If his worries were sincere should have not raised this earlier?

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