You lecture ME on freedom?! Tory MP rages at unjabbed as vaccine pass row erupts

Covid vote: Huw Merriman slams unvaccinated on freedoms

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Huw Merriman hit out at people who refused to get vaccinated as it reduces the freedoms of Brits who have “done the right” for the wider public. Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Merriman said: “There is a large issue at play that I find infuriating; over 80 percent of my constituents have got themselves vaccinated. They are keeping themselves safe and their communities safe. They are minimising their own impact on the NHS.

“There is a small minority who are not playing by the same rules and have the temerity to lecture me on freedom.

“Let me tell them this, their freedom to remain unvaccinated and do as they choose, is reducing the freedoms of those who have done the right thing for themselves and the wider community.

“As a Conservative, I believe rights are not absolute, they have to come with responsibilities.

“Being a cavalier for freedoms is what we were sent to this place to be, being cavalier about public health is contrary to that belief.”

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