Youre failing to deport them! Ferrari slams Johnsons Rwanda plan over money waste

Rwanda: EU 'won't let us' return migrants says expert

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In an exclusive interview with LBC, Nick Ferrari put Boris Johnson on the spot over the Rwanda plan, as the first flight to take illegal migrants to Rwanda could only have 10 people on board. 

Mr Ferrari asked the Prime Minister: “We have tomorrow the flight due to take people to Rwanda. Initially, it was going to be 130. Now, it will possibly be fewer than 10. Would one flight justify this policy, just one person being removed?”

Boris Johnson said: “I think it’s very important that the criminal gangs who are putting people’s lives at risk in the Channel understand that their business model is going to be broken, is being broken by this Government.

“They’re selling people something, they’re luring them into something that is extremely risky and criminal.”

Nick Ferrari retorted: “But you’re failing to deport them, Prime Minister. You and your colleague Priti Patel are failing to deport them. They’re all having appeals and these appeals are going to be heard. It could be fewer than ten on the plane.”


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