Boris Johnson backed by huge majority for coronavirus lockdown in new poll

Some 93 percent of people backed the tougher restrictions announced by the Prime Minister.

A staggering 27 million people watched Mr Johnson’s dramatic address to the nation on Monday night.

It was one of the most watched events in UK history, exceeding the numbers for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

And it seems the stark message struck a chord with the public.

Of the 2,788 people polled by YouGov, 76 percent said they strongly supported the lockdown, while 66 per cent also said they would find it easy to follow the new rules for the next three weeks, after which the Government will decide whether they can be relaxed.

However, the country is split over whether police have enough powers to enforce the new measures.

Officers have been given powers to fine those who do not comply.

But according to the poll, 39 percent of Brits think that is insufficient, with the same number believing the powers go far enough.

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Government says you can’t see your partner during Covid-19 lockdown

The Government has ordered Brits to not visit their boyfriend or girlfriend if they do not live together during the coronavirus lockdown.

In an astonishing move, a No10 spokesman said people must follow four “clear” rules if they are to leave their homes.

Those are the following rules :

  • Caring for a vulnerable person, or attending a medical appointment
  • Travelling to or from work if you cannot do so from home
  • Exercising once a day – such as running, walking or cycling, alone or with the people you live with
  • Shopping for food – as infrequently as possible

Guidance from the Government said : “You should be ensuring you are two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.”

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman was asked if the rules applied to partners – which was then clarified.

He said today: “I think the guidance was clear yesterday.

“What it said was you should stay at home and set out four very specific circumstances where you may be permitted to go outdoors.

“Those rules should be applied to all scenarios.”

But, there are two exceptions to the rules.

Key workers are allowed to take their children to school and kids under 18 can move between both parents’ homes if they are separated.

No10 did promise it would give more clarity within hours, hinting that the advice may be changed later.

The rules that were introduced to “save lives”, according to Downing Street.

Boris’s spokesman added: “When you are out of the house you should only do so with members of your own household if it’s for work reasons.”

When asked whether boyfriends and girlfriends could still meet in public along, as gatherings of “more than two” people are banned, No10 said it would look into the issue.

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Army spotted delivering coronavirus supplies to hospitals during UK lockdown

The army has delivered supplies to a hospital as staff and patients battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the 101 Logistic Brigade delivered a consignment of medical masks to St Thomas' Hospital, London, on Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced strict lockdown measures on Monday urging people to stay at home and only leave the house for basic food shopping, exercise once a day and essential travel to and from work.

The police have been given powers to disperse any public gatherings of more than two people, excluding those that you live with.

These measures will be in place for at least the next three weeks before they are reviewed again, Johnson said.

More than 460 personnel are set to deliver personal protective equipment to NHS.

Brigadier Phil Prosser said: "The British Army soldier is a citizen soldier and is proud to be part of the nation's response to this unprecedented challenge.

"There are some tough times ahead and the nation needs to rise together to respond to those times.

"What you've seen today is a British Army convoy delivering Personal Protective Equipment right to the frontline of the nation's response to the Coronavirus challenge – standing side by side with the NHS."

Brits were seen flocking to beaches and parks at the weekend, flouting the government guidelines.

Lockdown measures set out by the Government on Monday are rules, not advice, and will be enforced, health minister Matt Hancock said today.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread to at least 182 countries, claiming more than 10,000 lives and infecting hundreds of thousands more.

"These measures are not advice, they are rules and will be enforced, including by the police," Hancock told Parliament.

He said the government would publish guidance later on Tuesday to explain the steps employers must take to ensure their workers are safe.

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Mum whose coronavirus ‘filled lungs with water’ begs people to stay at home

A mum who was diagnosed with coronavirus has made a desperate plea to urge people to "respect the quarantine" because "it is not a flu".

Marcela Diaz Young said she stopped breathing at her worst time and spoke about the symptoms of the deadly virus that killed more than 16,500 people around the world.

In the clip, she says: "I had a really, really bad week last week. I still struggle to breathe.

"Everyone says 'you won’t die Marcela'. I won’t die, I know that, but we are infecting people with the risk they’ll die.

“Last week for me, was such a horrible week. It is the most horrible thing that can happen to you. You cannot breathe properly."

Marcela, believed to be from London, thought she was having a normal flu, but an X-ray scan showed that her lung was filled with water, which stopped her from breathing properly.

She coughs and fights back her tears and continues: "I'm trying to be positive. I'm scared.

"I know I won't die. But I want to say to everyone please, stay at home. Please, please, respect the quarantine.

"This is very, very serious. People with a lot of health problems can die so don’t be selfish. Think about the people at risk."

Last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a complete lockdown of the UK for at least three weeks, banning people from leaving their homes and meeting in groups of more than two people.

The police will have the power to enforce the rules and also issue fines for any rule-breakers.

The announcement came after thousands of Brits disregarded the advice of social distancing by flocking to beaches, parks and markets over the weekend.

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